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"It's my turn" make a difference.

As the family of a fallen Marine in the Global War on Terrorism our lives have been shattered and irrevocably altered by this tragic event in our lives. We know only too well the horror, grief, shock and sorrow that accompanies the awful news that comes when two Marines show up in the driveway. We would not be standing today if not for the immense outpouring of love and support from family, friends, our Church family at Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Crouse Hospital, Baldwinsville Central School District, Fire and Law Enforcement Departments, Ambulance Corps, our Community, area Businesses, VFW's, Veterans and Civic groups, Red Cross, Military, NY State, and Nation.

 A parent is not supposed to outlive their child. To lose a child or sibling is perhaps the most cruel thing a person could experience in life. We would move heaven and earth to have our Kyle back. There isn't anyone in our family that wouldn't have gladly traded places with Kyle that awful day in June, 2011. But no one would ever deny him the honor and legacy which is rightly his. He earned it. He gallantly rests with valor.  We take inspiration not from what Kyle died for, but rather what Kyle LIVED for. So it is to this end we carry on for him, trying to uphold the values embodied in the Marine Corps Moto which he esteemed, with Honor, Courage,and Committment. Semper Fi Kyle. Rest in peace dear son, we have this watch. 


Our Crest- 

  The Foundation Crest was in no small part concieved by Kyle's close friend and fellow Marine from 2/8, Cpl. John Curtin. It depicts a shield, sword, and two stylized representations of two of the many Medals awarded Kyle during his service and as a result of his sacrifice for his Country. The shield represents the shield of faith as outlined in 'The Armor of God' passage from The Holy Bible, Ephesians 6: 10-18, a passage very dear and meaningful to Kyle. The shield is bisected by a sword signifying the Noncommisioned Marine Officers Sword of his rank. The green field on the left side of the shield represents The Navy And Marine Corps Commendation Medal given posthumously by the Secretary of the Navy for Heroic Achievement while serving in combat as 3rd Platoon Team leader. The gold 'V' for Valor, was pinned to his medal for distinguished combat service. It signifies that Kyle's bold actions in combat in the face of the enemy and in known and imminent danger were of the highest order and without regard to his own personal safety to secure the safety of his fellow Marines. The purple field on the right and icon represent, of course, the Purple Heart Medal awarded for injuries recieved during combat. This was not however awarded posthumously, as Kyle survived a direct IED blast. After care for his injuries and observation at FOB Leatherneck, Kyle insisted he be sent back to his combat outpost in Sangin. He would not leave his men to whom he was devoted. The bright Gold Star above the Shield indicates posthumous awarding of a second Purple Heart. Thank you John for being a part of our lives and helping to keep Kyle's spirit and memory alive.


Corporal John Curtin served with distinction with Kyle, and among his many meritorious awards, is a Purple Heart recipient. Severely wounded in action he is an amazing source of inspiration to anyone who has the good fortune to know or meet him. John was dauntless in his recovery efforts. He has completed many marathons including the NYC and Boston Marathons all in a wheelchair and has skied the slopes of Vale, Colorado since recovering from his wounds. He plays semi-pro hockey for the USA Sled Hockey League. We were moved to tears when he stood to take his wedding vows to a most beautiful, intelligent and compassionate woman who became his wife. His good nature, smile, and indomitable spirit to succeed are an inspiration to those who know and meet him. He embodies all of the greatest attributes of a Marine. We are proud to know him.

Honor the Fallen. Committed to Service. Courage to Carry On.




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 We at Kyle's Foundation sincerely appreciate your support and involvement in providing much needed services to our military heroes and their families. We look forward to nurturing a relationship with you, our donors and volunteers.  By taking initiative to give back, you exemplify, like our Heroes the greatness of America. You truly are America's everyday heroes.



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